ACH-06020D (200W) Low-inertia Servo Motor | From £194 plus VAT

ACH-06020D (200W) Low-inertia Servo Motor | From £194 plus VAT

ACH-06020D(200W) Low-inertia Servo Motor

ACH-06020D Low-inertia series servo motor; 200W/3000RPM/0.64NM; Voltage: 220V


£350 (ACH06020DC-T with brake)

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  • High speed and torque;;
  • Highly stable;;
  • Low noise, low vibration;;
  • High precision;;
  • Beautiful appearance, easy installation;;
  • High quality.
ModelRated rotationRated outputAxis shapeTotal lengthSizeWeight(Kg)
ACH-06020D3000r/min200WFigure A96601.1
Motor modelACH-06020D
Rated power (W)200W
Rated rotation (r/min)3000
Rated torque (N.m)0.63
Maximum torque (N.m)1.9
Rated line current (A)1.2
Rated line voltage (V)220
Rotor inertia (Kg.m2×10-4)0.167
Coder line number (PPR)2500
Suitable drive modelQS5AA015M / QS5AA020M
Weight (Kg)1.1
Insulation gradeB
Ventilation protectionCompletely sealed, self cooling
Installation modeFlange (60, 90 110, 130)
Over-heating protectionNone
Place,altitude and atmosphereIndoor,lower than 1000m, no corrosive and inflammable gas, dust and oil mist
Ambient temperature and humidityEnvironment temperature: -20°C ~+50°C; relative humidity:<90% (no condensing)

Torque-frequency characteristic diagram:
ACH-06020D(200W) Small Inertia Servo Motor Torque-frequency Characteristic Diagram.