ADT-CNC4640 Four Axis Milling/Drilling CNC Controller | £790 plus VAT

ADT-CNC4640 Four Axis Milling/Drilling CNC Controller | £790 plus VAT

ADT-CNC4640 is a 4 axis CNC controller, designed for Milling/Drilling, adopting an ARM9 high performance CPU and programmable FPGA, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology. Precision is guaranteed at μm-level. The unit posesses a 256M electronic hard drive, and boasts a 7 inch color display screen.


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  • 7.0 Inch TFT color display, 800 X 400 hight resolution display Ethernet network interface, 10/100M enthernet port.
  • U flash and USB communication port, USB TO PC communication connector.
  • Multi-language
  • Additional plate (FCNC4M) and MPG (CNC4A)
  • ARM 9 CPU+FPGA double core processor
  • PLC function
  • Four chanel 2 mb/s high speed pulse output , 6 chanel AB phase decoder
  • Two chanel serial RS232 connector.
  • SD card big capacity memory connector.
  • Support 4 axis linkage.

Option Spare Parts

Handheld box CNC4a

 Additional Panel FCN C4M

CNC System Function

  • Self-diagnosis
    Diagnose CPU, memory, LCD, I/O interface, parameter state, coordinates and processing program comprehensively every time the system is started or reset; diagnose power supply, principal axis, limit and I/O ports in real-time during operating.
  • Compensation
    Automatic reverse clearance compensation
    Automatic tool length compensation
    Automatic tool radius compensation
    Automatic tool radius biasing and automatic tool tip transition
  • Abundant instruction system
    Scaling instruction
    Mirror processing instruction
    Tool biasing instructions
    Program cycle, program skip, program shift, program transfer, different end processing modes, macro definition and program management instructions
    Fixed-point instructions: starting point, setting point, etc.
    Linear, arc and spiral interpolation instructions
    Six workpiece coordinate systems, nine extension coordinate systems and one reference point
  • Full English menu operation & full screen edit
    4640/4620 CNC control system uses cascading menu structure and full Chinese operation to ensure simple operation and visibility.
  • Abundant error-correction functions
    Point out the nature and correct the errors in operation.
  • Program exchange between CNC system and PC
    Perform CAD/CAM/CAPP auxiliary programming with abundant software in PC, and then transmit CNC program to the system through communication interface (USB disk, RS232 interface), or transmit the programs from the system to PC.
  • CNC system operating condition 

    Operating voltage

    24V DC (with filter)

    Operating temperature

    0°C— 45°C

    Optimum operating temperature

    5°C— 40°C

    Operating humidity

    10%——90%(no condensing)

    Optimum operating humidity


    Storage temperature


    Storage humidity


    Operating environment

    No excessive dust, acid, alkali, corrosive and explosive gases, no strong electromagnetic interference

CNC System Application:

  • milling machinery
  • hardware processing industry
  • die processing industry
  • engraving industry
  • punching machinery
  • router retrofit